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About the EILN

The European Immigration Lawyers Network was established in 2000 to meet the changing needs of business and economic migrants, their employers and families in an enlarging European Union.

As the success of the European Single Market has dramatically reduced obstacles to cross border movement within the Union, the needs of companies and individuals to move to take advantage of the new possibilities has increased. While fewer and fewer problems arise regarding cross border movement of nationals of the Member States, third country nationals and their family members moving to or within the Union continue to be subject to substantial administrative obstacles. It is to find solutions for clients to these obstacles that the Network has been created.

The objectives of the Network are:

- to provide a seamless service of advice and action for immigration clients across the European Union

- to keep members of the Network up to date on all the changes of law at the European level relevant to an immigration practice

- to exchange information about national law and practice in the field in order to capitalise on the best options for clients.

The Network is comprised of law firms across European states. The participating firms all have an established reputation for immigration work in their own country. Some are smaller firms specialising in immigration and one or two other aspects of legal work but with a national network of support in all fields of law; others provide expert legal services in all major fields of law. Each firm is independent and is a regulated professional organisation a voluntary participant in the Network. The majority of EU Member States are represented as are the majority of the accession countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic states and Slovenia. In addition, the Network includes participating firms from Norway and Switzerland. Thus the Network is in a position to provide expert advice to clients whose immigration needs span more than one European state even where those needs extend east or northward in Europe.

Members of the Network meet regularly to discuss questions and developments in law and practice.

EILN Membership

Membership is of the network is by invitation, but we do consider requests for membership from immigration lawyers working in EU countries where EILN does not currently have any members.

If you wish to be considered for membership, please send an email to abogada@cristinagescudero.com with full details of you and your firm and your experience in providing specialist immigration advice. Applications are considered by the EILN Anchor Group and approved by the members, usually at the Annual Meeting of the network. If approved, membership is subject to an annual membership fee which is calculated based on whether the member is a sole practitioner or part or a small or larger firm.

For further information please contact:

Cristina García Escudero
EILN Administrator